Employee Benefits

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The Filmpass Club is a service we are offering local organisations free of charge whereby we can give your Employees instant access to discounted Cinema tickets with up to 41% off standard Box Office prices for your local cinema.

(Discount amount is dependent on location)


Our user friendly website will allow your Employees to enjoy Cinema 24/7 at your local Cinema making this the perfect Employee  benefit.


All our tickets can be used for any 2D movie on any day at any time! 


For more information or to see if we have Cinemas available in your area please contact us @ info@filmpass.co.uk


Please Note :


The Filmpass Local Employee offer is a scaled down version of the Filmpass APP instead of offering Cinema coverage Nationwide our local offer simply offers discounts at your local Cinema chain.


Our local Cinema platform is free of charge making this an easy decision for your organisation to make, it's hassle free and offers your Staff a fantastic lifestyle employee benefit adding to the perfect work life balance.


Who wouldn’t want to spend time after a hard day’s work spending some of their free time escaping with 007 or travelling the galaxy with Luke Skywalker or perhaps taking part in an epic adventure with Dr Dolittle.


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