Frequently asked questions

I have not recieved my ticket E-mail

We advise that you add the email address: to your address book to prevent your software inadvertantly adding your vouchers to your 'Spam' folder. Please also check your Junk/Trash folder. You can also now look up your ticket(s) via the 'My Account' section link where you can see all your previous orders including your latest order.

How do I get my Cinema E-Ticket?

Your E-Ticket appears as soon as you make purchases. It shows on your screen as well as in an Email containing your E-Ticket and instructions on how to redeem your Ticket(s). You can also find previous and current orders through the 'My Account' section on the website.

My Voucher is not working.

Please ensure you are following the how to guide for each voucher which can be found on the Email with your Ticket(s). Please ensure you are selecting a film with an Age Rating suitable for you and you have notupgraded options added to your basket that you;ve not paid for. Ensure that you have purchased the right ticket for your location as some Tickets have London Cinemas excluded. This is always clearly noted so should not notmally be a problem.

Which Cinemas do you offer Tickets for?

You can purchase E-Tickets for Cineworld, Odeon & Empire.

Does my E-Ticket cover London Cinemas?

EMPIRE E-Tickets are valid for all Empire Cinemas - This includes London Cinemas. CINEWORLD E-Tickets are valid for all Cineworld Cinemas within te UK except Cineworld Leicester Square. ODEON has two E-Ticket types - London (including M25) or Non-London (excluding M25).

I cannot Log-in to the website?

Don't worry, you can reset you password to have a link sent to your E-mail address. If you still have problems you can always contact our Customer Service team (Link at the bottom of the page).

I don't want to pay Via Paypal. Can I use Debit or Credit Card?

Absolutely, we offer Credit & Debit Card options as well as Paypal. Don't forget that if you have 'Paypal One Touch' turned on your default Payment option will be Paypal. You can turn this option off if you want to pay using Debit or Credit Card.

I've changed my mind and no longer want my tickets.

E-Tickets are single use and cannot be be re-allocated so unfortunately refunds cannot be given. Please be sure of your ticket options before purchasing. Remember that your E-Tickets are valid for 6 months.

Can I purchase multiple Tickets in one transaction?

Of course. Select your Ticket type. Check the EULA then click accept. For additional quantities just edit the 'Number Quantity' and refresh. You can also click 'Continue Shopping' to add another Ticket type. We ask that you enter you Email address again in case you made a mistake when registering or you may want to add another Email address to 'Gift' your E-Codes to a Friend or Family Member.

I don't want to recieve Newsletters or Marketing from you.

That's fine. Make sure you 'Untick' the Opt-in box for Special Offers and Newsletters.

What is EULA?

The EULA (End User License Agreement) shows you the T&C's and redemption instructions for each Ticket you purchase. It explains what your Ticket can be used for and assistance in using it.

My Local Cinema is offering cheaper rates than you. How can this be?

Occasionally Cinemas will have a 'Price War' and offer local prices that are heavily discounted although these sometimes have restrictions on Day and Time use. We have no control over these sorts of things occurring and always recommend that you check you Cinema prices beforehand. We charge one price Nationally and base our Corporate Discount rate on an average price. Generally you will save between 15 and 40%. The Price Wars are only a small minority and don't generally last long so make the most of the lowest rate but please remember to come back to us when the prices go back up.

How do I know what my E-Tickets are?

You E-Ticket is displayed as soon as Payment is made. It appears in the Grey box on your device. It is Alpha-numeric and created uniquely by each Cinema chain so it will work with their internal Till System.

I've recieved an 'Out of Stock' banner when trying to purchase an item from the website.

Very occasionally during a time of un-precedented demand an item can go out of stock. We cannot sell items that we no longer have. This is a very rare and has not happened to us before but we feel it's only fair to let you know this can happen. Be assured we constantly monitor stock levels.