Welcome to Filmpass xTRA

Filmpass xTRA gives you and your employees direct access to discounted cinema tickets, with up to 40% off standard Box Office prices, with access to over 300 cinemas nationwide.

Filmpass xTRA is free of charge, Filmpass will never charge your company or employees to access Filmpass xTRA.

Not every employee enjoys going to the gym or cycling to work, so giving, immediate and unlimited access to Filmpass Club would be the perfect work life balance employee benefit.

When you think about it, when did you last meet someone who didn’t like movies?       This is why offering Filmpass xTRA is such an effective and engaging method of improving employee morale and employee retention.

Its as easy as ABC to join , simply fill out our online form (click here) to join filmpass xTRA , once your application comes through we can give your employees immediate access to Filmpass xTRA.

All our corporate cinema tickets can be used for….ANY MOVIE ON ANY DAY AT ANY TIME!