I recently signed up to Filmpass through a link that was shared with me for work. I wanted to visit the cinema on a sunday, and take my daughter, but tickets are very expensive when they are purchased at full price. 

It was easy to set up an account and I was able to get a code to enter when booking on the Odeon site online. I would recommend using Filmpass to my colleagues and I will definitely be using it again in the future.

Thank you

Sarah Aiken

Primary School Teacher


Barton Seagrave Primary School



We have launched the FILMPASS to all staff in our Glasgow & Irvine centres, and I feel it is a great incentive which costs the company nothing.


A family day out can be expensive and this saving can make a big difference particularly to larger groups.


Thank you for the kind offer.


Best Regards

Alan Parker

Head of HR


Filmpass Ltd are a professional organisation who provide discounted cinema tickets for employees.   Cressex Community School have signed up to Filmpass this year to provide its employees with this benefit.  It has been well received and I am pleased that they offer very helpful and prompt assistance if required.  I therefore recommend them highly from our experience to date.


Kind regards


Sajnit Bhandal
Project Manager

Cressex Community School